The name Orbis Constructions is synonymous with architecturally enhanced design, modern green initiatives, boutique and custom finishes as well as extensively researched builds. Our team pride themselves on delivering a product that enhances the lives of the end user, providing them with a space designed with their habits and values in mind.

Design Process

Employing the use of highly qualified tradesman, designers, structural engineers and project managers see’s our team turn your vision into solid bricks and mortar with a fully customized experience that supports you from concept to completion allowing for a seamless design process and no fuss execution.

Exterior & Interior

Skilled in building to the vision of property developers and the needs of the market Orbis Constructions thoroughly researches the target marketing and specific demographics of the area before a single piece of dirt is turned. Ensuring significant return on income and capital growth is achieved for the client.

Homes not Houses

As well as catering for developers Orbis Constructions takes great pride in working with families and individuals to a create a dream home where memories can be made. Taking influence from traditional silhouettes and modern architecture our team creates a space that functions with you and is built to withstand all that life throws at us.

Bespoke Design

Orbis Constructions provide builds with a difference; we are a privately owned company that supplies design and building solutions for residential and commercial projects.

The perfect build

With years of experience in the industry specialising in delivering projects that meet the needs of the target market and providing a well researched and thought out solution.