Demographic Building Strategies

Our Priority

At Orbis Constructions we pride ourselves on our ability to look at the big picture.
Combining business aptitude with design flair has seen our team set the benchmark for developments within Melbourne and its surrounds.

Our Specialty

Designing to the demographic specified is our specialty. Through many years in the construction industry our team has learnt that what sets many new developments apart is having the target demographic and end user in mind throughout the entire process. From concept to completion, from surveying to signing off, without designing and building to the demographic the development does not meet the needs of those who will acquire it.

Great Outcomes

Demographics are largely overlooked by the construction industry at times, which means owners and developers see problems arise long after changes can be easily and effectively made.
This different way of thinking has allowed the Orbis Constructions team and our clients to achieve the highest level of success within some of Melbourne’s favourite blue chip suburbs, seeing all our properties sold at the time of auction and significant return on investment.


Demographics can be segmented in many different ways and our skilled team can help you close in on who you will be targeting. Factors we asses include; age, income, occupation and gender to name a few. Throughout the design and feedback phases market research is undertaken into the area, the residents who currently reside in this area, previous sale results for like properties and sensis data to reflect social economic status, family dynamics and occupations. These factors will assist in designing a build that functions in a way that supports your demographic within their daily life. A build that is a testament to the notation that doing your research will help you reap the rewards.

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