Multi Unit Development

At Orbis Constructions we pride ourselves on our ability to look at the big picture.
Combining business aptitude with design flair has seen our team set the benchmark for developments within Melbourne and its surrounds.


Designing to the demographic specified is our specialty. Through many years in the construction industry our team has learnt that what sets many new developments apart is having the target demographic and end user in mind throughout the entire process. From concept to completion, from surveying to signing off, without designing and building to the demographic the development does not meet the needs of those who will acquire it.

Our Team

Part of the Orbis Constructions difference is seen through working with our passionate trades team who maintain clean and safe work sites, exercising expertly crafted workmanship and an acute attention to detail which is what sets the finished product apart from the rest.

Innovative Design

Utilising years of experience with modern technology has allowed our team to set a benchmark for innovative apartment design with a focus on high quality amenities, space saving options, open floor plans and the implementation of green options where applicable.